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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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molesting one teen-aged boy and secretly throwing another in the bathroom. he coached at palo alto high school. >> we saw off and on again showers throughout the bay area today. this caught some folks off guard no. umbrellas. doing the best they can. sandhya patel is here now with rain totals. i've been caught off guard and we're watching showers, we said there would be scattered showers. it's now starting to wind down. we're seeing a few spots of drizzle towards just south of livermore there. here is what rainfall totals
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look like. three quarters of an nimpblg st. helena. as you look here, mountain view. oakland and liver mor about a tenth of ab an inch of rain. of course today is the first day of spring of some of you wondering when is goiting to feel like it?. >> that is what i'm thinking. thank you very much this, is a live picture from heavenly. they'd love snow up there in the resorts, coming up we're wlif a look at conditions in truckee tonight. stay with us. >> office officers didn't have trouble finding them. vic lee joins us live with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. vic? >> well this, is the intersection of el cam yeeno and edgewood.
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i won't they've crossing now. today two dozen motorcycle cops from around the peninsula converged in redwood city to send a message to drivers. >> for the unit it's like shooting nish a barrel. nabbing drivers failing to yield to pedestrians. police decoy was in the streets. this was one of the 11 locations targeted in today's traffic enforcement operation. the locations identified with the traffic collision data and by citizen complaints or business complaints. >> it seemed police decoys were taking their lives into their hands.
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>> kind of scary. >> check out the cars, speeding by this decoy. a 9-year-old knew the perils here. >> if people here stop for which when they have to cross, it's dangerous some wanted to, well, remain anonymous. others saw futility of arguing. >> i stopped but what can i say? you know? he said i didn't. i said i did. you know? what can i do? and i'm not going to contest this? >> no. menlo park needs the money. >> around mid morning police received an unexpected surprise. they arrested a drunk driver. police say he was drunk and high on pills. >> the gentleman almost fell overdue to intoxication.
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>> police issued about 200 citations. we're told those tickets may range from 200ses today $400 next month, targeting millbrae and another city. still to be chosen. >> etc. a great reminder for us to be careful. thank you very much. autism is on the rise in the united states. and a national survey shows one in 50 u.s. children between six and 17 has autism. that is up from one in 86 kids. boys four times more likely than girls to have this condition. it says increase comes from children over 10 diagnosed with mild forms of autism. >> autism is on the rise. i don't think we can put this all on better identification of children with autism.
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something sells going on too,. >> experts say this may be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. they say the key is to identify as early as possible. especially among kids with milder symptoms because they can get help these day as louing them to get care quickly. >> stores in the santa cruz started charging a quarter for paper bags today. the county band plastic bags last year charging 10 cents per paper bags but now, increased to 20 dronts get attention. they want to keep plastic wag bags from harming marine life in monterey bay. >> the boortd of supervisors approved a ban with members saying they didn't want to give people the impression it's okay to smoke. e cigarettes contain nicotine and chemical buzz produce a vapor rather than smoke. stores that sell them will be
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required to buy a tobacco retailer license. >> going back to weather we've talked about rain here, first day of spring bring showers to the bay area and snow in the sierra. it's great news for skiers and snow borders. abc 7 news is in the middle of it live tonight. hi there. a variety of weather we saw heavy rain then heavy snow. now we're in the town of truckee taking a look this is what i would call spring time on a mountain. plenty of sunshine and tree was some flower buds starting to show, miles west of us in between donner summit winter is extending it's stay. you have to drive through a lot of rain before you see snow. around kingdale, rain drops
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giving way to snowflakes. for these teens they didn't make it out of the parking lot yet. >> by want to snow board and stuff. this is the first time i've been in the snow. >> news of heavy snowfall spread faster than coming down. several snowboarders took vachk the snow and no wait times. >> so we figured we'd just come here, we're snow boarding we're going to have a good time. >> others say tomorrow may be the better day. >> we took a run. it's just like three-feet thick hard to get down the mountain no. big deal yet. we've got a season pass. >> that is what resorts are banking on. huge snowfall mid week.
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>> this amount of snow could put visitors the right snow holiday spirit to bypasses for next year which go on sail on friday. >> we're showing you mountains here, just chilly here. a foot of snow they're going to extend throughout the weekend. we're being told if you're coming up this week you're going to have to have your chains on tires in order to get through. lee painter, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful. >> two bay area based companies teeming up to bring lower gas prices. what you'll have to do. >> ford drives a hybrid into san francisco showing off features it claims put brakes on the prius. >> you have tax questions? we
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have answers. you'll get your personal
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state lawmakers coming up with an idea to protect school kids from tragedies like the sandy hook massacre. the lawmaker wants every school classroom door to have a lock that can be secured from inside of the classroom. abc 7 news has the story. >> one teacher saved her students by locking her class door. the security chief says there is a lesson to be learned from that. >> like what happened is that
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gunman went to the class rooms where doors were unlocked. the classroom that's were locked, he couldn't get in. went to the next room autos that got one lawmaker thinking it's time to mandate all california public schools have classroom that's can be locked from the inside toompblgts newer campuses have that measure 30% of the schools state wide don't. >> right now in many class rooms most older classrooms if there is an intruder the teacher has to walk outside to lock the door. because locks are on the outside of the door. >> state senator marty block believes it can be done for $30 to $60 per door but that expense can add up for struggling school districts. and some wonder what happens if a gunman gets inside a classroom and locks everyone in? >> and police officers can not get to people who need help. >> the senator thinks
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construction bonds can help pay for that n his district upgrade would cost $15 minneapolis milin for the new locks, new doors and labor. matrenga says it's worth it. >> schools don't have a lot to defend themselves so every little bit helps. and this may not sound like a lot but sit a lot. >> saying on a electronic system would be better but that would be out of reach, financially, for many schools in this state. >> ford has come out with a car the company says tops 100 miles per gallon. ford showed off the fusion energy today in san francisco. it's a mid sized plug in hybrid different from other high bridz because the driver can choose either gasoline or the electric engine. >> they have a short commute. so the vehicle behind can ride on all electricity or gasoline.
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>> fusion can go 21 miles in all electric mode. it can go over 600 miles on a tank of gas. the fusion energy qualifies for carpool lane. >> chevron and safeway teeming up to save you money at gas pump rolling out shopper rewards programs today. customers can use their rewards for up to 20 cents off per gallon z shoppers receive a point towards a gas purchase. >> everything help autos it's that time of the year again. time for the popular tax hot line. >> michael finney is stabbedding by with experts. >> glad you're there. i've asked others have you done your taxes yet? >> it's in process.
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we've handed over receipt autos the we have the number you need to dial for tax questions we've got experts from the irs, and from united way, from cpa and we have enrolled agents. exactly what is that? >> well, an enrolled agent are the only federally licensed tax preparer. all other cpas and attorneys are licensed by the state. >> and you guys have tests coming from the irs. >> 30 hours every year. on all subjects that we do taxes on. including corporations and personal returns. >> the calls you've been receiving tonight who are you hearing from?
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big questions? >> big questions, most common one is do i need to file? a lot of people are disabled or receiving benefits. we have money coming in do we need to file a tax return? >> that is a great question. glad you're theer answer it for them. our staff is here tonight until 8:00 so give us a call. we're taking questions in spanish, canton ease, mand rin and english so give us a kault. -- call. >> great stuff. thank you very much. >> sandhya patel st standing by with some important information. >> finding rain around here on the first day of spring. >> yef. i'm just going to tell you know that the drizzle here and there is not just done.
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the forecast is not taxing. a lot of cloud cover around. you can see it's here. radar along with national weather service radar still watching spotty drizzle around santa cruz coastlines here and it's winding down. here is a view. we're seeing clouds around. temperatures now looking like 56 in san francisco. 65 degrees in san jose. 54 in half moon bay. it's foggy now. visibility down to three quarters of a mile. some flakes some resorts today reporting 10-14 inches, sugar bowl, 10 inches. livermore reporting 60 degrees, here is a look at what is coming up.
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clouds, fog and drizzle tonight. sunny windy tomorrow, mild inland hitting the weekend. this is a cold front we're receiving. we'll go with spotty drizzle this evening and winds down as you can see here, spots of drizzle by 10:00 or 11:00 just lingering clouds and some fog showing up as welling, temperatures starting hout cooler upper 30s into coldest inland valleys. most other areas beginning in the 40s here is a look at the highs for thursday. sunny skies, breezy in the south bay. p pin anyone slarks windy at times. 56 degrees around half moon bay.
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downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. you'll feel the wind up to 40 miles per hour at times. 55 in daily city. and looking at north bay communities windy along the coast. 65 santa rosa. clear lake 60 degrees, east bay you're going to get wind as well. it's going to be sunny. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and it will be windy tomorrow. blue skies, mid-50s to upper 60. breezy friday. right on throughout the weekend low 70s inland. mid to upper 50s coast side. looking good. next chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. twitter for latest weather conditions, rain, shine but get weather tweets from your favorite weather team we'll
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keep you ahead of the stompl. >> thank you. >> coming up what 49ers legend joe montana and actor warren baity have in common? >> at 6:00 a local film maker shows how he recreated an affect reserved for those multi million dollar movies using gear that you can buy. that is at 6:00.
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a celebration of survival today. doctors medical center. the center held a first spring survivorship celebration today for breast cancer survivors including a free makeover and gift bags. patients say this helps them keep a positive attitude you need to be yourself. very positive. everything around you. because being positive helps you a lot in getting well. >> doctors say in addition to medicine a sense of community fellowship and support are important part of the giving process. >> governor brown today signed a bill to improve breast cancer detection. the bill requiring doctors to
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inform patients if they have dense breast tissue which can be harder to lok yale yait until ls informing about alternative screening options. that new inductees will joint hall of fame in sacramento tonight. 49ers legend joe montana led san francisco to four super bowl titles during his time. warren baity's career dates back more than 50 years as an actor, writer and a producer. this year's other inductees include labor leaders, designs charles and ray eames, isha, and the warner brothers. victim pressive people. >> yes. >> and when we come back, our free hot line to get tax
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questions answered.
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coming up at 6:00 a clash over cough eye. the citywide food fight launched who wants to be near established competitors. >> also, the rent some people are ready to charge for their homes. >> and the nfl's newest safety rule you're going see how this will change the sport why it's
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hitting some the wrong way. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and don't forget we have this incredible service for you if have problem was taxes or questions our tax line is open right now. >> we have a team of accountants answering questions. this is a live look at the teamworking hard to answer your calls. it's a popular service we do every year and really terrific experts. they will be able to answer whatever question have you. >> and united way is also a part of this. if you need to reach them you can call. >> tax hot line active until 8:00 stoont. grab receipts and call. >> big thank you to folks volunteering tonight that. is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here,
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this is "world news." "world news."ve manhunt. manhunt.tion at close range. r governor near tears. > he cared deeply about his staff, his family, and the ommunity. >> a search tonight for a earch tonight for a official on the doorstep of his home. facing the threat. facing the threat. president obama on an historic visit to israel. tonight the big question, would america go to war to stop a nuclear weapon in iran? too far. workers forced to get health tests or pay a fine. could this happen at your job? and treasure hunt. the $3 bowl found at a yard sale now worth $2 million. do you know which items give you the best chance for a happy surprise? good evening.
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we begin tonight with a manhunt under way. hundreds of people searching the streets of colorado. at 8:30 last night, the door bell rang at the home of a state official. he answered and he was shot on his doorstep. tonight authorities have stepped up security at the governor's mansion and the state capital. abc's clayton sandell tells us what is known now about the shooter. >> reporter: in this quiet rural neighborhood outside denver, a killer came calling. tom clements, at home with his wife, went to answer the front door and was suddenly shot in the chest. the shooter fled into the night. >> somebody rang the door bell. the husband answered and was shot. >> reporter: 58-year-old clemens the director of colorado's prison system, was killed. with a massive manhunt under way tonight, the only clue, a dark car seen in the neighborhood near the time of the shooting. it's engine running, but nobody inside. >> we don't know if the shooting was random at this point. we're very early in the investigation. we have no suspect at this point and because we have no suspect


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